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Oracle Service Bus is a proven market-leading Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)           built from the ground up for SOA life cycle management that provides foundation capabilities for service discovery and intermediation, rapid service provisioning and deployment, and governance. This service-infrastructure software adheres to the SOA principles of building coarse-grained, loosely coupled, and standards-based services. Additionally, OSB acts as a message brokering, service monitoring, administration, dynamic routing, and message transformation layer to infrastructure.

Oracle Service Bus relies on Oracle WebLogic Server run-time facilities. Oracle WebLogic Server provides the core services that ensure reliability, high availability, scalability, and a high-performing execution environment for your application.

Based on Oracle Platform Security Services and Oracle WebLogic security framework, Oracle Service Bus ensures service security at all levels. A comprehensive set of components for built-in security gives customers significant flexibility and choice. Users can also plug in custom or third-party security components. Built-in capabilities allow flexibility in implementation by enabling security at all levels. For authoring and managing security policies Enterprise Manager for Fusion Middleware Control (EM) is an optional product from Oracle.

Oracle Service Bus is a configuration-based, policy-driven ESB. It provides reliable service-oriented integration, service management, and traditional message brokering across heterogeneous IT environments.

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