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While the software is learning a new technology in the world, what the developer first wants to see is a look at the technology from the top. For this reason, an introduction to the related technology and an overview are important for the training materials. In this article, we will give an overview of Go programming language. During this overview you will not see much code. I will only examine the theoretical and provide you with various sources and suggestions about what this language is, what purpose it can be used for, where it should not be preferred.

What is Go and why has it been improved?

A technology and software giant like Google has many different programming languages(C, C++, Java, Python, etc.) and technology that it has used for years in its own internals systems. And these technologies have many different advantages and disadvantages. You may not notice these under small or light loads. However, in big projects, it definitely feels itself. These can be reviewed in a number of topics such as performance, compilation(source code compilation times for large projects), security, compliance, time management, resource management(hardware, money, energy, etc.). And if you have hundreds or thousands of developers, this is more important. Because the new expert comes with a lot of technology that he knows and needs to learn. So, the problem is both technical and mental.

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